5 Reasons YOU Need to Start Amazon FBA

One of the biggest regrets we’ve heard many Green Room Member’s discuss in the realm of reselling is that they did not start using Amazon’s FBA program sooner.

But as they say—woulda, coulda, shoulda. In this video, I touch on five reasons that you—yes, you—need to start utilizing Amazon FBA.

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Do not wait any longer.

You are passing up an opportunity to create another income stream and move products that you find and develop over the course of your resale business.

If you have not dabbled in Amazon at all, or if you have only merchant-fulfilled a few things, this video is geared specifically to you.

If you have already started and have learned FBA on an intermediate level, then this video should enhance your thankfulness for the platform and opportunity.

1. Diversity

Putting all your eggs in one basket, so to speak, exposes you to a lot more risk than if you were to diversify your platforms.

The wealthy often vary their investments to spread out the risk. Some funds go into stocks, bonds, currency, real estate, gold, or other commodities. This practice also provides more opportunity for your wealth to grow. Expanding into Amazon FBA is another way you can diversify your business.

2. Prime Buyers

These are the loyal Amazon Prime members who buy only from—or at least greatly prefer—Amazon Prime listings.

They do not mind paying more for an item compared to shopping via eBay or merchant-fulfilled listings because they know the value of the Amazon Prime service: fast shipping, hassle-free returns, and top-notch customer service. By using the FBA platform, you have access to these valuable Amazon Prime buyers and businesses.

3. Subsidized Shipping

If you have shipped anything large (ten pounds or more) in the past, then you know how expensive shipping can get.

Amazon is one of—if not the—largest UPS contract clients. The great news for FBA sellers is that the contract discount gets passed down to us. Usually it will cost between fifty cents and one dollar a pound depending on the location of the fulfillment center you are using.

The significant discount and the bulk-item shipping (multiple items in one box) are huge pluses for the reseller.

4. Scalability

Many factors can cause bottlenecks in the path to growing your sales. For instance, how many items can you pack and ship in a day? How much volume of inventory can you store without your house looking like a dump? By using Amazon FBA, you can get rid of some of the factors that limit your growth. Essentially, you are hiring Amazon to work for you for a great wage that is built into the fee structure.

5. Clutter Removal

Selling on many other platforms means you must keep the inventory on hand. This situation can quickly get out of control depending on your living situation and personal organization style.

When Amazon organizes and stores your products, it frees up so much room. You will be able to breathe. Loved ones will stop nagging about inventory in your living space. And who likes being nagged?

Thanks for reading!

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