My 6 stages of the Green Room

My 6 stages of the Green Room

Here are my stages with the Green Room. I share these not to brag, but to help those in here, especially who are newer/lurker-style, who may feel like they have nothing to contribute, but really do:

1. The “AWE” Stage, pre-joining (2 months): Hearing all the knaaaaawledge being dropped, seeing, learning, taking in, etc. from all the videos and public hangouts.awe


(2 weeks): Dropping a couple of what I think are amazing BOLOs, which, after a long time, I realize were not so special, but it was part of my course of giving before I had really learned much. Heart was good, execution was bad.


US Currency is seen in this January 30, 2001 image. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

(2 months): For me, I joined the GR so I could learn how to do FBA (that was a REALLY good decision, mind you). But once I realized I was super small scale (humbled), I decided to ask a ton of questions, get my answers and make sure I got my money back ASAP. Of course, we were paying bills day-to-day. I literally would sell a shirt or 2 on eBay and pay a bill. We had no money and were going broke fast. I actually paid for Green Room out of my personal money because my wife wasn’t buying in that we could make a living this way– and truthfully, I thought I was all talk and no game, too. So I asked a ton of (probably mostly dumb) questions.

4. The “QUIET” Stagequiet (6 months): I knew what I knew, and I was learning a ton more. But other than the occasional BOLO or tip for the group, I didn’t have much to contribute. I really learned FBA in Q4 that year, thought I did as much as I could do and just put my head down and worked.

5. The “GIVE BACK” Stage give(1 year):

With a lot of wins behind me and some losses learned, I shared a lot– probably too much, but with the aim to help others get to where I am at. But it was less about me (though the GR MVP & $25 prize is always a cool thank you), and just about helping other people come along, and sharing what I’ve learned, specifically about inefficiencies and wasted time, money, resources, etc.

6. The “LIFE BALANCE” stage
(Current, 6 months++?): I try to post less often, but more quality. I try to give a few minutes each day to answer a few quick questions that have been asked 20+ times before in the GR. But if I don’t have time, I don’t stress– because Facebook is here to serve me and not the other way around. I try to stay out of GR controversies because I have no time or need for that. The GR is much more a way of life than it is a Facebook destination.

The very nature of living a GR life is that you don’t spend too much time in the GR, and even schedule when you do (a great lesson from Brock P.¬†along the way). You aren’t healthy if you aren’t taking care of yourself (Jamison P, Steve, Chris). You aren’t balanced if you can’t take a month (or six) off to do what you want (Eric S). You aren’t friends with people until you make time for them in real life (Nahum Z, Stacy S, Jerry B, John D).

I’m not being a man of God if I don’t take time to hang out with my Savior Jesus. Money is a great slslaveave, but a horrible master (the Bible, life experience, Dave Ramsey). I don’t have it all figured out, but I KNOW that I’m getting closer and closer to centering in on living the life I want, and not just in terms of just financially (some of you are going to make tens/hundreds of thousands, if not millions more than me in the years ahead, and I’m all good with that), but in trying to be the best husband, father, dad, church youth worker, Christ-follower I can be. Lots of failures and struggles along the way, of course, but always learning, always getting better, always being humble/humbled, and working to serve others in love as best I can.

This is what Green Room wants to drive you to. You can fixate on expanding your business and making money, and that’s great. But the Green Room objectives are bigger than that, and it’s where I have been pushed recently. So take that next step– even if you journey through the GR won’t be the same as mine– and grow. Give something to the GR, even if you don’t know much. Learn something, even if you think you know it all. Meet someone. Fix a lifelong failing. Don’t give up. You guys/gals rock– looking forward to what is coming up ahead.

  • Brian Howard

    All i can say is “Wow, right on”
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • Bob Tony

    Craig, thank you for sharing your journey. I tend to agree with most everything that you have written in the above article, There is truly a ton of good honest willing to help individuals within the GR.

    I have noticed many other groups out there in YouTube and Facebook Land but most I have seen are looking for the quick score and info by asking questions with some answers. Here in the GR and a very, very few other groups (which I have noticed have ties somehow with the GR) all have more than just the BOLO or answer me this question or that question. I have noticed many conversations in the GR Facebook Group are tied to setting goals, taking action, process flows and methods, and finally getting to where you want to be in life and life balances.

    I have not once regretted the membership and look forward to getting to my personal goals which are starting to come into focus. I just need to take it.