Want to Learn How to Create a
Steady Stream of Profits Reselling Other People's Junk Online?

What Will You Learn Inside The Green Room?

How To Make Money Selling On Amazon FBA

Learn to make money selling on Amazon and discover and how you can save time and make more money leveraging one of the worlds largest E-commerce platforms.

How To Sell Products Locally

Learn the skills necessary to sell products you source from garage sales, thrift stores, and estate sales locally on websites like Craigslist and Offer Up.


Learn how to live a balanced lifestyle and incorporate personal fitness in your daily routine. We have create an addition to The Green Room called ” Green Room Life “. It’s a place where all our members discuss everything outside of reselling. It’s an awesome place to hangout and interact with people who want to improve all aspects of their lives!

How To Start A Profitable Ebay Business

We teach you the fundamentals of starting an eBay business, growing your eBay store, and differentiating yourself from the competition to make more sales.


Learn the ins and outs of being a successful entrepreneur. You will discover how you can take your business to the next level by creating better efficiencies, systems, and having a proper plan in place!

Personal Development

Get access to content that will assist you in improving your habits, attitudes, outlook on life, and levels of happiness you experience! One of the biggest struggles we’ve noticed entrepreneurs deal with is staying motivated and inspired on a daily basis. The Green Room community will help you overcome this!

Still undecided? Here's more:

Access to Our Community!


Inside The Green Room University you will have access to our thriving community who will be there to help you grow, support you when you’re feeling down, and give you the added boost of motivation to continue moving forward.

Access to Our Private Video Library!


Inside the Green Room University you will be given access to our complete video library. These videos cover various topics and will give you the necessary knowledge to execute the perfect business.

Access to Our Products & Courses


Once you join the Green Room University, access to countless eBooks & Courses are available immediately. Go at your own pace, feel free to also use your mobile phone ; learning from anywhere at anytime is key!

Come To Our Green Room Events


We hold a large event every year in Austin, Texas as well as smaller meet-ups throughout the year. As a member you get first priority access to the meet-ups. We want to transcend the boundaries of the internet and eventually meet face to face if possible!

Exclusive Green Room Live Shows


Inside The Green Room University you will have access to our thriving community who will be there to help you grow, support you when you’re feeling down, and give you the added boost of motivation to continue moving forward.

Are you ready to join the Green Room family and create the lifestyle business of your dreams?

Meet The Founders of The Green Room University

Stephen Raiken

Eric Spears

Chris Dupuis

Inside, our members are proud!

I found the Green Room through Steve Raiken’s YouTube channel.  I was inspired to start a channel of my own about my reselling adventures. To be honest, I had no intention of joining the Green Room because of the extra financial investment involved which wasn’t in my budget.  Steve took the time to personally call me to give me advice about my new channel and reselling, which was invaluable.  What I’ve appreciated most about joining the Green Room is the personal attention, advice, and feedback I’ve received from all the Green Room admins and the positive community environment where all viewpoints and levels of experience are respected.


I want to share with you a few things which have helped me to become successful.
  1.  Knowledge is power.
  2. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
  3. Do what they do.

I have found all of the above and more in the GREEN ROOM.

I found the Green Room through Steve Raiken’s YouTube channel.  I was inspired to start

I have been a member of the Green Room since day 1.  That was a no-brainer for me.  I had viewed many of the YouTube videos from Bonafide Hustler, Raiken Profit and College Picker and saw their genuineness, honesty and desire to help others.  They have a passion for what we do and enjoy sharing that passion and knowledge with others.


The Green Room provides an open and respectful venue for sharing tips and information on reselling from every angle.  People feel free to share with one another and ask questions.  The value you receive in this group is phenomenal.


I was on the fence for a while about joining the Green Room, but after I did I was so glad!  I made my $100 back pretty quickly with items that I previously had passed up in thrift stores for years. The best part about the Green Room is if you need help identifying an item, pricing items and or buying decisions the help is no more than a post to the Facebook page away. Thanks for everything!


If you want to be with a group of people that are going places, the Green Room is the place to be. Within the short amount of time I have been with the Green Room, the information shared has made me hundreds of dollars. The guides that are provided will show you items you can find today and everyday where you can make huge profit. If you’re serious about making money online, are willing to take action and hang out with a bunch of cool people, join the Green Room.


The Green Room experience has been incredibly valuable in the growth of my Ebay journey! The diverse knowledge of all within The Green Room community has facilitated my growth in reaching my goals sooner than if I were to do it on my own.

It’s also inspired me to venture out into other selling platforms and research other income streams. Overall, The Green Room is knowledgeable, positive, uplifting, encouraging, with great business savvy.

A huge plus is that they are willing to share both success’ and failures! Invaluable!


After a very lucrative job of 10 years ended, I decided to take my hobby of Ebay selling full time. I never would have given thought to Amazon FBA and certainly not an antique booth. Tomorrow our 10th FBA shipment will be sent out and 8/1/15 we open our booth – not to mention Ebay Sales are going crazy! Thanks to The Green Room , I have every bit of confidence my future holds far more than my job ever could have!! if its too long, feel free to use as much or as little as you would like. Thanks again


What are you waiting you waiting for? Invest in your future today!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Yes it does. We conveniently use Gumroad. (PayPal is integrated Within Gumroad along side credit card payments)

No, the shortest period of enrollment is the 30 day subscription.

Yes, and they cover various topics. They are highly interactive meaning you will be able to ask questions and such as the live show progresses.

The meet up is once a year and will be in Spring or Summer. There will be ample heads up inside the room on the date and logistics. It’s in Austin each year because we wanted to have the meet up in a central location of the country. That way it’s not a stretch for anyone to come.

No, the rate is fixed until further notice. We feel as if it’s the right cost versus the information you will receive.

There is no money back guarantee. Inside, there’s a ton of information and you will be exposed to it. On that notion, we cannot reimburse a person that is already exposed to all the information.