Is The 4-Hour Work Week a Scam?

Is The 4-Hour Work Week a Scam?

The 4-Hour Work Week is NOT a scam. The truth of The 4-Hour Work Week is that it provides examples, tools (some outdated), and even step by step walk through for how it can be done. Knowledge and execution are two different things. A close-minded reader would not execute anything from this book, no personal application, no elimination, they may not even finish the book. Maybe the book is not applicable to your life at that moment in time, this is entirely possible. I have been there, but don’t write it off completely. Yes the title sounds too good to be true, and it is attainable for some. But that’s all it is, a title. Branding for Tim Ferriss that is catchy and peaks interest. Don’t let the title turn you off before giving it a chance and trying to apply it to your own situation.

In this video we try to provide valuable incite by going over the overall summary, reflection, and personal applications.

Is everyone going to to have the same results? No.

Does everyone want to travel and be able to live in another country? No.

Can the book open your eyes to opportunity and lifestyle change for the better? Yes

What would you tell the 18 year old version of yourself? “Don’t take that job.” “Follow your passion.” “Develop that idea.”

Don’t get stuck doing what you don’t like in order to save up for doing the things that you do like. Most people fall into the doing, or working for income doing what they don’t like and never get to the end goal, or don’t even have an end goal in mind.

Working 4 hours a week is hard to even define. What is work in this case? Activities that I don’t enjoy that produce income? Studying a skill or a language is work. Hard work, but it may be something that you enjoy and it can help you to achieve something on your personal Dreamline.

If you have read the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. If you haven’t read it yet, think about picking it up if you see it at the thrift or purchasing it off of Amazon.