How To Guide: Selling Baseball Bats on eBay for Huge ROI

How To Guide: Selling Baseball Bats on eBay for Huge ROI

This was actually a post in The Green Room that I wrote and thousands of thousands of dollars have been made since. I promised to share it with you guys so here it is!
Metal baseball bats sell and sometimes for a huge profit ($500+)

A sure-fire way to see if a bat is worth money is to find the model number on it and do a quick ebay search. Make sure you check what is called the “drop” which is the length in inches minus the weight in oz. Difference in drop could be a large difference in profits. Drop is a negative number, a bat that is 32inches/27oz the drop is -5.

Looking up every bat would be a waste of time, so stick to a few guidelines.

Stay away from tee ball and youth bats. These are small and light. Usually less than 27 inches long so you can skip these over.

Adult bats are what sell and sell for big profits, it is based mostly on size, model, and metal alloy. Some of the best bats were made in the early 2000s so it is very possible that the amazing bats will be at second hand locations. These bats are Bigger barrel 2 3/4’’ and usually have a -5 drop.

Some amazing models that can bring in huge cash is the z2k, zcore, redline, c-core. These are all by Easton.

As always check the eBay complete listings because some composite and softball bats can be worth some really great money as well, not just these, but these -5 drop bats will help you make money online. Check out some sold eBay listings here

Modern bbcore, composite, softball and little league bats can still bring some decent money $40-$150 so don’t completely overlook all of these either, but the big big money is in the old ones I described above.

–Why they sell—

Little League, College, High School baseball changed the regulations on what kinds of bats can be used. These metal alloys were providing way too much power and performance was embellished based solely on bats. They are now outlawed and replaced with composite bats that are more deadened and mimic closely wooden bats. This change helps professional baseball scouts with knowing what players skill could convert to a wooden bat and still be able to hit well. It basically evened the playing field for everybody across the board.

Because the rules have changed these super bats are no longer produced, creating a limited supply.

The demand for them comes from adult or senior leagues where a bunch of 30-60 year old men pretend that they are MLB superstars. Some of these leagues have no regulations on bats so naturally the limited supply of super bats is going to drive the prices up. Key point: Working or retired men are more likely to spend big bucks on their hobby.

—How to test them—

Click to learn How to test the baseball bat for pressure
Check the metal bats for cracks and dents. Grip condition does not matter because it is easily replaceable. Grab the barrel and hit the butt on the ground and it should ping and vibrate to indicate the chamber is still pressurized.

Baseball season is March to September so the prices will be highest close to these times.

Composite and softball bats will still sell its just a matter of checking the model and seeing if it is desirable and worth your time. These bats will NOT ping the same way as when you test the metal bats, they have a very dead hit on the ground.


  • Biff Tannen

    Do you think it’s better to auction these or BIN?

  • Eric Spears

    Hi Biff! It’s nearly always debatable, check out for a further scenario breakdown of some the arguments about BIN vs auction. Thanks for reading!