Group Rules

Hi and thanks again for making the decision to join the Green Room,

Please read through our Rules and regulations of the Room. If you have any questions or suggestions please send a response to this email.

Violations-If a member is in violation of our Room’s Rules and Regulations we will send them a personal message which will count as the first warning. If a violation reoccurs, not necessarily related to the first violation, a second message will be sent. Upon a third violation you will be removed from the group and dues will be surrendered. Any extreme violation can result in immediate removal based upon admin decision.

Build People UP not Down– We try to create a positive and encouraging culture around the Green Room. We want motivated people to help build on successes, and learn from other’s mistakes. The Green Room will not tolerate putting people down, we want to build people up.

Soliciting Money– In the past there was no clear rule or announcement in this regard and we have had a few times where people feel desperate and solicit money from the group based on their life situation. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. This is why we preach having an emergency or “asteroid” fund of a few thousand dollars (depending per person per situation.) We are all hustlers and in time of need it is time to dig deep and grind. We all have the skills to make and manage money. Please do not solicit money from the group.

Affiliate links-Please do not use affiliate links when answering questions, or recommending products. Administrators have a Green Room affiliate profile that we use with amazon to fund contest prizes for the room.

Newbie Posts– We love newbies! We were all there once but we do hold a thread every Wednesday called Rookie Wednesday and you can always search and find this thread any day of the week and post there. It helps us find the questions to answer instead of them getting lost in the feed.

Self Promotion– Content must be relevant to the group, if you are questioning if it is “Spammy” or not please message an Admin. We do not want the feed to be filled with spam however we do enjoy seeing great content. At any time we do reserve the right to delete any post.

Disagreement– Everyone is not going to agree with everyone on every angle of every situation. If you are in disagreement, do so respectfully in the public space. People can absolutely disagree but we encourage everyone to do so RESPECTFULLY. Acknowledge their point of view and then offer yours. We are all entitled to our opinions and there is no reason to shoot other people down because you disagree with them.

Paid Products– Please message an admin before posting or promoting any paid products.

Offensive Nature-Please do not discriminate any other members based upon their sex, race, political views, religion, socioeconomic status, level of resale knowledge, physical appearance, sexual preference, or disability.

Name calling – There will be none of it in an obvious malicious tone. We often joke with one another and it is usually easy to tell when it crosses the line from joke to trying to be hurtful.

Swearing- We ask that you keep it nonexistent or at least to a minimum.

Complaining– Please refrain from complaining about buyers, about prices, about situations. Nobody likes this, and frankly it just brings other people down. We do hold a post every month called “THE PURGE” if you are going to complain, post it under these threads to keep it all in one place.

We reserve the right to use or delete any post as we see fit.

Hope the read wasn’t too long!