DO NOT let reselling control you, ANONYMOUS sharing an important lesson.

DO NOT let reselling control you, ANONYMOUS sharing an important lesson.

I did not write this piece, I am simply passing it along to inspire others.

The day before our anniversary we discussed divorce. Our marriage was on the rocks. I had focused so much attention on my business that I had totally ignored my duties as a husband. I pushed 20 hour days, 7 days a week to grow my resale business and my wife slept alone in a cold bed each night, without complaint.

She works in the Music Industry where she is required to attend various events late at night. Because of the unsafe city we live in, she cannot attend events without me. She turned down most events but certain events were very important to her career. I bit**** and moaned and gave her a hard time whenever I had to attend such events because it took time away from my business and the money I could be making.

For me it was time better spent listing new items and packaging new orders. We have a huge house paid in full. We have 2 luxury German sedans in the driveway. If my wife left me, what the hell was I working for? What would I need the house and the cars for? I love my wife. This week I didn’t give a damn it was Q4. I did my sourcing. The stock is still sitting unlisted. I made the time for my wife and my marriage.

In this resale game, with the amount of focus that is required, it is so easy to lose track of what is really important in life. These 3 months while I was building this business, I have been a real a-hole to my wife. I will never do it again. Our business is important. Money is important, but not so important that we should compromise relationships with the ones we love. Work hard. Hustle hard. Always make time for loved ones. Find that balance in life else we can lose it all in a heartbeat. No money on earth can replace the ones we love…