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eBay Warehouse – Things to Consider

This video shows how we plan to set up our warehouse for e-commerce sales. If you have been considering such a move you should check out this video for some tips on what to think about when planning your space. Be sure before you get a warehouse, you have your ... Read More

Jeans Plus Shoes Equals Profits!

Check out this denim and shoe haul video. I show you the actual photos I take as well. Brands that will sell on eBay such as Clarks, 7 for all mankind, Diesel, Columbia, Lucky Brand, Tommy Hilfiger, BKE Buckle, Express, J Crew. Not huge home runs but an average sale price ... Read More

Chris Avalos Talks Crypto Investing For Beginners

Crypto Investing is a great opportunity for beginning investors to risk low amounts of capital with a possibility for a big return. Still, the crypto landscape has its fair share of minefields you must dodge. Chris has been investing in cryptos for 5 years so he has plenty to share ... Read More

Simple Google Sheets Spreadsheet For Ebay Amazon Tracking

Check out this simple way to use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet you can use to track your Inventory and Sales on any ecommerce platform. It’s easy to setup and only takes a few minutes and best of all…its free!! Organization and documentation can help grow your business and ... Read More

5 Tips Tony Robbins Can Teach Us About Business

Tony Robbins is a World Renowned motivational speaker. He has counseled countless CEOS and business owners as well as people just looking to improve their lives. In this video, I cover 5 tips I think can be applied to our businesses to improve our mindset as well as our results. ... Read More

How to Price Your Items on Ebay

Have you wondered how to price items on Ebay that you have little or no experience selling? In this video, I show you my method for pricing as well as how to think about sell through when dealing with an unfamiliar niche. Not knowing where to start can seem confusing ... Read More

How to Use Ebay Listing Templates to Increase your Productivity

Templates on Ebay are a great way to save time, make fewer mistakes and increase your productivity. They are easy to create and offer tremendous flexibility. In this video, I walk you through the process from start to finish to show you this tool that can improve your business. Saving ... Read More

Finding Your Way as an Entrepreneur with Mimika Cooney

Mimika Cooney is an author, consultant, producer, mentor, social marketing strategist, mother and a wife and its her mission to help entrepreneurs especially female entrepreneurs find their sense of purpose and succeed. In this interview, we delve into what led Mimika down this path and gain valuable insights and advice ... Read More

4 Tips For Sourcing Without a SmartPhone

Dead Battery? Souring in a metal building with ZERO cell service? Maybe you forgot your phone at home. Don’t freakout, It happens to the best of us from time to time when sourcing, you feel crippled without that LTE on your smartphone.  Here are 4 tips for how to handle this ... Read More

9 Sourcing Necessities

We all love sourcing but sometimes we head out the door without everything we need to have a successful trip. Check out these 9 must-haves for sourcing! Jason goes over them in this Green Room EXCLUSIVE video for members only. Watch the video to learn more, and to improve your ... Read More

Jennifer Leland Meets Gary V!

Green Room member Jennifer Leland had a memorable encounter with Gary Vaynerchuk, a moment captured on video on his YouTube Channel. Watch this interview to find out what advice Gary gave to Jennifer and how she has used that moment to shape her business and improve her life for the ... Read More

How to Measure Jeans for eBay: 8 Essential Jeans Measurements

Measuring Jeans can be complicated, what does the buyer want to know, what do they need to know, what do you call each measurement? To help clear up the confusion Jason made this this member-exclusive video. Jason explains 8 jean measurements that he wants you to know so you can make ... Read More

Seven Denim Brands You Must Pick Up!

Have you ever flipped a pair of jeans? If not, you should definitely consider checking out AT LEAST these brands that you should consider picking up if you see them.  In this member-exclusive video, Jason explains 7 different brands that he wants you to know so you can make money on eBay from ... Read More

Check out the Profits in this Shoe Haul Video!

Jason travels to Virginia on a trip to see his parents and turns it into a sourcing experience. Hitting the thrifts on a trip is a great thing to do if you are traveling, you can almost always make money doing it! Jason goes over many brands of mens and ... Read More

He Sold $1 Million Dollars on Amazon FBA With Jonathan Cleator

The first EVER interview of the Steve Raiken show has been aired! Check out the interview with Green Room member Jon Cleator where they discuss. One of his greatest accomplishments last year was selling over 19,000 units and $300,000 worth of product in the month of December alone! Check out the ... Read More

5000 Item Ebay Store Owner Explains How She Built Her Business

Tiffany is a 17 year Ebay veteran. She has built a huge store on the platform and created a business that has sustained her, her family and several employees. In this interview, she explains how she runs her business as well as the methods she uses to overcome obstacles along ... Read More

11 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Clothes on ebay with ProfSales

Jason Slone (ProfSales) is a fulltime reseller and former professor. He sells on Amazon, ebay, Craigslist, OfferUp and VarageSale. He likes to focus on issues like mindset, How to, sourcing and so much more. If you have any questions or want to reach out to Jason, hit him up on Instagram ... Read More

How To Guide: Selling Baseball Bats on eBay for Huge ROI

This was actually a post in The Green Room that I wrote and thousands of thousands of dollars have been made since. I promised to share it with you guys so here it is! Metal baseball bats sell and sometimes for a huge profit ($500+) A sure-fire way to see ... Read More

Our Best Flips of 2016 Amazon & ebay

In this LIVE SHOW we discuss our best flips from 2016 which we had eBay and Amazon FBA. This show is going to be jam packed with content that will help you to recognize the best items to sell on these platforms. If you are selling on eBay or Amazon ... Read More