Everyone loves to play the lottery. Everyone loves the adrenaline rush. Everyone loves the possibility and the hope, of making some bank overnight; but no one loves to pay every time they play.  Its a game that someone rarely wins but when they do it makes all the other times you played worth it. Real hustlers especially hate paying for lotto tickets because they know that they could be investing that money into some item to flip. polo3

That’s the beauty of what I am about to show you. I am going to show you how to play the lottery every time you enter a Thrift Store and the best part about it is that it’s FREE to play. So what’s the catch you may be asking? The catch is education my friend. The reason why more people do not look for this 1 lottery ticket item, every time they enter a Thrift Store is because they do not have the knowledge to do so. Without further ado let’s jump into this crash course on playing the Thrift Store Item Lottery.

polo1So what is it? Look for Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Sweaters and Jackets. They are hard to miss. They have these huge, right in your face crests on the chest, or a man skiing, or huge words that say Snow Beach, or letters that say USA, or something about the Olympics or a huge P, or some seriously colorful patterns. Once you see it, you can’t miss it, they scream out VINTAGE! UNIQUE! JACKPOT!

Every time I enter a Thrift Store, I have my “go to staple item” list. I know the certain type of shoes that I am looking for to flip, the video games and the shirts. Those are my staple items, the bread, the butter, the repeatable profit items.  But…What I also like to do is quickly brush by the Sweater, Suit and Jacket Section of the store. This is where I do my five-minute scan and play the Thrift Store Item Lottery. I either do this right as I enter the store or right before I leave it. It gives me the chance of hitting the lotto and making a couple hundred to a couple grand. The nice part is that I know it works. I’ve had some people hit it in my own town (at the same Thrift Stores that I hustle) and make some serious bank. While one decent flip on a pair of shoes can bring you in $100.00 dollars of profit, this item type could bring you in THOUSANDS!

The next time you are planning your route of Thrift Stores and hitting them up all day for your staple flipping items, remember to play the lottery! It’s FREE and it takes 5 minutes to play.  Check out the current market on ebay.

  • Fred

    Great Article! I am constantly in Thrift Stores, this will be fun to try out!

  • Steve Raiken

    Thanks for reading Fred. Glad you enjoyed!

  • Love the headline (and article too). When I saw the headline however my first thought was that shopping at thrift stores was a lot like playing the lotto in that you lose far more than you win ha! I do enjoy me some thrift shopping especially if I can make a morning of it and hit several good stores else if you are just poking your head into one or two then it definitely is like playing the lotto … damn scratch offs!

  • Joseph Chricolli

    Let’ see if I can hit that scratch off!

  • Joseph Chricolli

    it’s addicting!