Get to Know the Founders of The Green Room Community

            Chris Dupuis

Chris, AKA: The Bonafide Hustler, is a resident of Austin, TX and thrives in the amazing thrift culture that the town provides. He has numerous videos on YouTube and has been in the reselling game since 2005. He has a wide variety of reselling knowledge and loves the thrill of the hunt. When he’s not reselling, Chris loves the outdoors, good food, and fitness.

         Stephen Raiken

Steve, AKA: Raiken Profit, was born and raised in Connecticut. He quit his restaurant job over 3 years ago and earns a full – time income selling on platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist and more. Steve is extremely passionate about helping others and has created over 700 value driven YouTube videos sharing his tips, tricks, and strategies. If you’re having a hard time finding Steve just look in your nearest thrift store, pawn shop or even Wholefoods grocery store, there’s a good chance he will be there!

             Eric Spears

Eric, A.K.A: The College Picker has been reselling since his early college years (2006) to pay for fun hobbies, and also help pay for school. He completed a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2013 and has been reselling side by side with his medical profession. This hybrid work style gives him freedom to work when he pleases, on his terms. Freedom translates into bicycle and motorcycle tours, traveling abroad, or any other adventure he can muster up.