3 Pro Tips for Increasing your eBay Feedback

3 Pro Tips for Increasing your eBay Feedback

Thousands of miles, a labyrinth of wires, switches, screens, and connections separating buyer and seller. More than likely you will never meet anyone that you have interacted with on eBay. dataYou can never look them in the eye, smile, or say thank you face to face. Because of this impersonal experience, the feedback rating system is born. It lets you and others know how well you run your eBay business and the type of quality and customer service you provide.

The feedback system creates a checks and balance system that makes sellers accountable for the products and customer services that they provide.  It helps to build your brand, and is very important in your online business. The more positive your feedback, the more likely eBayers are to buy from you or your store, the higher perception you give to buyers, and the higher you will rank in the searches. Here are a few pro tips to help you new and experienced sellers increase you eBay feedback.

Pro Tip #1: Everyone starts with zero feedback. Change this fast by being an eBay buyer first.buynow
Buyers are more likely to get quick feedback since all they have to do is buy and because sellers are quick to leave feedback in hopes that the buyers will return the favor. Perhaps you are a new seller and don’t know what to buy?

Try buying some of the necessary packaging or shipping materials (i.e., bubble wrap, shipping labels, scales, etc) that you will eventually need for your business. Getting these first couple of feedbacks are crucial as buyers will more be inclined to buy from someone who has been previously vetted by other eBayers.

Pro Tip #2: Provide Excellent Service  customerservice
Offer one-day handling, 14-day returns (or longer), and free shipping to entice buyers and create a pleasant shopping experience. In doing so you not only meet eBay’s “best practices”, but you also exceed customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer is more likely to rate their wonderful experience with you, purchase from you again, and refer you to a friend.

Pro Tip #3: Remind Buyers to Leave Feedback via eBay messages reminder
Sometimes buyers can get so excited about their purchase that they forget to let you know what an awesome eBayer you truly are. Include a typed note or sticker (handwritten for extra brownie points) within each package to remind buyers to leave you some feedback. Keep it short and sweet so your audience is more likely to read it. Still haven’t heard back from your buyer? Use eBay’s messenger to directly contact your buyer and send them a kind reminder. Feel free to use this drafted example below, tweak it to your likings, or use it as inspiration for your own personal message.

Dear (Insert Buyer Name),

Thank you for your recent purchase! We are thankful for your business and would love to hear back from you about your shopping experience with us. Please rate us with 5 stars if you are satisfied with your purchase and feel free to let us know how we did! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely manner to fix any issues that you may have.
Best Regards,
-(Insert Seller Name)

You can send them this messages once every week if they don’t respond to increase their chances of seeing the reminder.

I hope these tips help you to grow your feedback and build your brand.