3 FREE core reselling apps and why you NEED them

3 FREE core reselling apps and why you NEED them

There is no question about it, apps make our lives easier. They give us one touch access to a site or a platform from our mobile devices literally at our finger tips. In a fast-paced world, buys and sellers want face paced service, responses, and date.

Make sure you have these three apps on your mobile devices if you don’t already have them. If you already have them, then read below anyways. You might see a use for the app that you have not utilized already.

 eBay app – iPhoneAndroid

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Who doesn’t like the sound of a cha-ching going off in their pocket when they make sale? The eBay app allows you to list items from mobile if you have pictures preloaded or access to a cloud on your phone. You can also take pictures yourself if you have the item present in front of you. Getting back to a buyer’s message quickly might be the crucial factor in making a sale.

For those who do not sell on eBay, it is still a very useful app. You can do backup market research on items you plan to sell on other avenues (amazon, craigslist) to determine appropriate value. You can snipe lots of products and find inventory to sell on other platforms. A more nontraditional way is to see if something is complete by comparing pictures or descriptions to current listings.

If buying a coffee maker that you are unfamiliar with you can see what a complete one looks like, and price missing parts if necessary. It is a wealth of information at your fingertips and you need it, whether you sell on eBay or not.

This app is available to sellers all over the world and not just limited the the US.

   Amazon Seller app iPhoneAndroid                                                                                

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.35.41 AMThis app is a must have for amazon sellers. If you are not selling on amazon, then you need to be. End of story.

It features a camera scanner where you can scan barcodes to pull up listings with an easy readout of information. Sales rank, star review, amazon in-stock, how many FBA offers, how many MF offers, eligibility to sell, restrictions, amazons fees, etc. These pieces of information are easily laid out or accessible to help you make your sourcing decisions.

On the home page you get a sales summary that you can customize in order to see if you are reaching your daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

Two drawbacks to this app is that you can’t read the reviews of the products, you just see how many stars it is. This could alter your decision on a product if you can’t see why it is 1 or 2 star reviewed. The second features is reading the FBA and MF seller descriptions. This is extremely useful to see condition descriptions and back-ordered products for FBA pricing.

This app is only available to US sellers, for the UK and AU amazon hungry sellers, I am sorry buy you will just have to wait.

 Amazon Shopping app iPhoneAndroid

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This app fills in the gaps of the two drawbacks of the sellers app. You however do not get all the other good sellers information. We now can read the reviews of a product and the descriptions of the sellers of any given product on the market.

This is a buyers app, so it focuses on the buyers side of amazon. This app is also useful to use to see how many of an item a seller has in stock, which the sellers app also cannot do.

All around a great app to have as a backup. The Amazon sellers app does and will go down sometimes and this keeps you from being stranded without any useful product data. This app is available for use all of the world, not just the US.

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